Natural Handcrafted Body Butter***SEE SUMMER SHIPPING NOTE***

Ginger Yum, LLC

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Please Read ***SUMMER SHIPPING***BODY BUTTER***Suggested FedEx OVERNIGHT SHIPPING or USPS 1DAY Delivery.  Due to the upcoming warmer months, we strongly advise you to select the overnight or one day shipping option to help keep the integrity of the body butter.  There are no preservatives, this an all natural product.  While it will still be effective, you will risk a melted product upon delivery,  May - September.  Thank you

A relaxing warmth of ginger coupled with the oils of nature embraces your body and conditions your skin.  All natural Ginger Yum Body Butter is a beautiful skin moisturizer for all external body areas for women, men and children.  Ginger Yum Body Butter aids in the prevention of dry, itchy skin, known to relieve arthritic pain, achy joints, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, burns and scars when used with consistency. Our body butter is great for skin toning. There are over 20 antioxidants and acts as an anti-inflammatory. 

Ginger Yum Body Butter is handcrafted with shea butter, oils of olive, sweet almond, castor, coconut, Ginger Root, tea tree and other CPTG essential.  We offer warm and calming aroma options of Ginger, and Ginger paired with Lavender 

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