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Customer Experiences...

I love your products. I have been sleeping well, and joint inflammation is nonexistent in my body. I have suffered with insomnia and joint pain for over 10 years. Most medications did not help me. I told my doctor about Ginger Yum. Thank you.  ~ Kimberly

I LOVE your product! I met you at the Burlington Farmer’s Market! You were soooo lovely! And your product is soooo amazing! I am hooked! ~  :) Monica

“I am so grateful that I was introduced to the Ginger Yum Body Butter!! What a delicious-luscious blend that produces amazing results on your skin!! I have dry skin year round and have been looking for something to soothe and smooth my skin. This is my dream product!! My skin feels so soft and well moisturized throughout the day. I love the texture and how easily it absorbs into your skin. It is uniquely scented and satisfying to your senses--- creating a truly luxe experience. Want a dose of decadence? Try this scrumptious butter. It is awesome!!” ~ Michelle

I love your products. The ginger scent is luscious, has staying power, and softens skin. I am hoping someday there may be a perfume, room spray, and hand cream, and basically a mummy wrap of ginger yum.Thank you for the enjoyment your products provide.

I just got the ginger body butter and it is amazing. I love the feel and most of all the smell. Wish they made a roll on perfume. ~ Tara

Danielle raved about the products. I will definitely be sending these gifts to other people on my list throughout the year. Thank you again for the wonderful service. ~ MK

My wife Catherine loves your products - thank you for helping make her mother's day. :) ~ Jesse W.

OMG....I am LOVING my Ginger Yum products!! I now look forward to every day just to use them!! I really appreciated the email that was sent with tips for my lather bar! They were great ideas!!
One request....please.....please make a ginger fragrance!! I don't know the difficulties involved, but if a liquid perfume is too involved, perhaps a solid perfume? I do smell my body butter, and believe me, I am constantly sniffing my own arm (people must think I'm crazy...LOL), but would LOVE if there was something a little stronger to share with the world!
Oh...LOVED the sugar scrub!! It was such a nice consistency, not like others I've tried that are like soup. I also greatly appreciate the fact that I don't feel like the next person in the shower is going to slip and fall after me using it.
My skin and I thank you for making such amazing products!! I am enjoying them so very much!!!  ~ Fondly, Cyndy M.

Your incredible donations of nurturing products went to the wellness teepee at Standing Rock. The women were are so grateful for Ginger Yum! Thank you, Lisa. Your lip balm is the best on the plains! ~ Catherine C.

Best products - all of them! 10 stars!! the soap, the body butter, the foot scrub- all are amazing!! ~ Jacki H.

I am in love with the Ginger Yum body butter and the eucalyptus mint lather bar! I get compliments on the smell of the body butter every time I use it and it makes my skin so soft. My family members used some of mine and said they were going to buy their own also. Lisa is a charming lady and I will continue to use her products. ~ Autumn B.

Bought some at our local Farmers' Market, and it's - GREAT!!!!!!! Nice people, too! ~ Paulette S.

Loved the body butter! Lisa said "don't eat it!" It was that yummy! ~ Chris F.

I bought Ginger Yum for my mom and myself my mom loved it do I the sugar scrub is awesome as well as the chapstick n the candles ummmm so relaxing order yours today. ~ Demetrice T.

Ginger Yum products are simply amazing! Having tried the lip balm, body soap, and candle I can attest that of these products, they are of the highest quality. As a sensitive skin customer, and always skeptical of trying new hygiene products, I was simply amazed at how Ginger Yum products have provided me with great results of no skin irritation and long lasting skin moisturization. Definitely excited to see what Ginger Yum has new upcoming! ~ Waymon P.

Ginger Yum products are AMAZING...I love ALL of the products that I have.....Bath & Body Works, Victoria Secret and Carol's Daughter there is a new girl in town & her name is Lisa Lindsey and you better watch out....Lisa, I am looking forward to your other products....can't wait to embrace the warm of more products. ~ Wanda S.

Ginger Yum products are my must have. The soft and pleasant scents make my day. ~ Shawna S.

I love all of the Ginger Yum products. However, the sugar scrub is by far the best I've ever encountered. I use the ginger lavender scrub directly after I shave, and my legs stay smooth and baby soft for a couple days. I also use it for my heels, and it works wonders. Lisa is great to work with and has a passion for making her product the best. Investing in Ginger Yum guarantees you great customer service and an even better product. I can't wait to purchase more for my friends during the holidays! ~ Eryn Nicole

These products are AMAZING!!! I tried the ginger lavender sugar scrub and the ginger lavender soap. The smell was great and lasted all day!!! And the packaging had really nice details. ~ Shannon Alexis

Ginger Yum products have replaced any and all sugar scrubs, body butters and lip balms I previously used. The freshest smell that stays with me all day has people asking me what I'm wearing. I am a walking advertisement for these wonderfully natural products, customer service is beyond excellent, Lisa Jones has never failed to send my purchases in a timely manner, the price points are excellent and I would and do strongly recommend Ginger Yum products to my friends, family and anyone looking for a great product. ~ Cheryl I-W.

I live in NY and met you at the Burlington VT craft fair. You were so sweet! I bought presents and everyone LOVED them! And I love your product!!!!
Thank you! ~ Monica J.

We keep missing the market and my skin has not been the same. Your products are magical. Plus my son love them lol. ~ Erin B.