About Us


Lisa Lindsey, Creator of Ginger Yum

I was raised by my grandparents (TC and Annie McGee) within a loving and supportive community in Memphis, TN.  I was taught the values of being a responsible citizen and having empathy for others. My life thus far, has been a validation of the “Six Degree of Separation” concept.  I firmly believe that within this circle, are the perfect persons to benefit from mutual support during this journey. I am blessed and honored to have been a leader in a Fortune 100 company for over 28 years. My previous employer also emphasized being a responsible community partner and received national recognition for supporting small businesses as well as businesses owned by women of color. I’ve always had that “entrepreneurial spirit”, but I also desired to make a meaningful contribution that goes beyond money and status. In response to my heart and head, I called upon my upbringing and management repertoire layered on the foundation of integrity, judgement and customer loyalty and started Ginger Yum, LLC.
Ginger Yum was created to re-introduce the ginger root and all its’ healthy properties with an added personal care twist-it has the most pleasant aroma! Ginger is not only great for internal consumption, but it also has excellent benefits when used as a topical. The decision to emphasize nature gift of the Ginger Root in our products is one based on our commitment to finding a healthier all-natural personal care alternative to often odorous, ineffective and preservative laden body products offered by other companies. The ginger root can be traced as far back as the fourteenth century where it was grown in India, Southern Asia and Africa. Ginger Yum will only use products from the best national and international sources.  The pure essential oil of ginger has over 20 antioxidants that aid in the healing of burns, bruises and scars. It is also known to help in skin toning and achy joints. The ginger root has been proven to reduce swelling, sore muscles and stimulate poor circulation. When incorporated with other quality natural products, the aroma is indeed pleasurable.  Many scientific studies have validated that ginger contains protein, iron, vitamin C, folic acid, and vitamin B3. Ginger stands on its own merit when using the standards of longevity, quality and positive results. We are committed to introduce to everyone the pleasant, sweet and spicy aroma of the ginger root and its effectiveness when used as an external personal care option. Ginger Yum’s personal care products has the most pleasant aroma and is the most effective in the industry.  Full Stop!
Ginger Yum began this journey in 2015.  We have taken Ginger Yum to the people.  We have presented our products in very diverse venues ranging from the United States highest rated farmers markets to shopping malls in Seattle, WA, Portland, OR, Burlington, VT, Memphis,TN and Atlanta, GA. to mention a few. The response has been overwhelmingly positive.  By a huge majority, those who experienced Ginger Yum had a favorable impression of our product. With regards to business acumen, jointly, my husband/business partner and I have over 60 years of experience in leading high performing operations for a Fortune 100 Company. We have transformed difficult operations into high performing operations resulting in increased productivity, improved service and Corporate margins.  Now, it's Ginger Yum time!
In 2017, I was diagnosed with Scleroderma, Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder.  The diagnosis took its toll not only on my body, but also my mental. I'm grateful for my family and to have my husband and soul mate who not only had to come to terms with his wife's diagnosis, but whom also is my ROCK.  Calvin is always encouraging me which has helped me get to this state of stability with my autoimmune disorder.  Ginger Yum will contribute a percentage of our profits to The Scleroderma Research Foundation. Website: www.srfcure.org
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