About us

Creator/Owner is Lisa McGee Lindsey.  As a young lady being raised by my grandparents in Memphis, TN, I was taught the values of being a responsible citizen and having empathy for others. I have been blessed and honored to have worked for a fortune 500 company for over 28 years with a number of those years in the role of Leader/Management. My previous employer for 28 years was committed to its corporate responsibility to the community that it served. It has many awards and recognitions for supporting not only small business but women of color as well. My life’s journey has been a true “6 Degrees of Separation” and I’m eagerly looking forward to the future. I’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit, but was seeking to find that right “purpose driven” niche that would allow me to move into the Small Business World. So many of the tools I used in my upbringing and in management along with loyalty and dedication aided in the start up of Ginger Yum, LLC. That same commitment I gave to others and the corporation is now going toward my OWN small business.

The decision to emphasis natures gift of “Ginger” in our products was to introduce to everyone the power of ginger for our skin. The origin of Ginger is from the fourteenth century. Ginger root has origins to be grown in India and Southern Asia with India being the largest amount of origin grown variations. Ginger root is an ingredient that is not only great for internal consumption, but it also has excellent benefits as a topical use for our skin. The pure essential oil of ginger has over 20 antioxidants that aid in the healing of burns, bruises and scars. It is also known to help in skin toning and achy joints. Incorporated with other quality natural products the aroma is pleasurable.